Who are we?

In early  January 2017, I began a project to alter the way we look at urban environments, through small actions and interventions in  the local Coburg area. The urban research project asks viewers and passers-by  rethink public space and their own role in caring for it. URP will  involve performance, interventions, drawing, photography and conversation.

Much of our work revolves around  litter  and urban debris. Instead of clearing litter away and making it invisible our aim is to make litter and rubbish visible. We aim to discover the beauty in objects that have been discarded neglected, driven over and trodden on.

By reclaiming neglected objects we hope to find some pleasure and meaning in  the once neglected spaces and moments of urban life.

The thistle is our logo, the emblem of everything that grows up between the cracks and survives and flowers against the odds.